Resident Evil 8: Village It continues to receive all kinds of modifications since it was put on sale. The most recent of these is a mod that allows you to play the game in third person, replacing the first person which comes by default. There are not a few users that the first person, who has been standardized in the franchise since Resident Evil 7, they just don’t like it for a main installment of the saga.

SPOILERS Resident Evil Village locations below

User FluffyQuack, creator of the mod, has experimented on how it could be Resident Evil 8 in third person. The mod for PC Resident Evil Village is in experimental phase and needs to be polished and retouched, but for now we can take a look at two very different parts of the game: the extra mode The Mercenaries and the Casa Beneviento of the main campaign.

The mod to play Resident Evil Village in third person needs to be polished, but there are already two first demos

In the mode The Mercenaries we can see that the model of Ethan Winters has a noticeable absence that is obvious. Yes, he is beheaded, but it has nothing to do with any mutilation he suffered during the course of the level. Since Capcom have been secretly hiding the look of Ethan’s face forever, so they have chosen to make their headless model directly. For the rest, the third person is very well implementedexcept for one detail. Ethan, having no head, looks in the wrong direction when shooting. Also, the interaction of some elements is complicated as well as the navigation, but they are small details to be polished.

It seems that the mod is much better implemented in the part of the story that takes place in the Casa Beneviento. For those of you who have completed the story, you will know that it is one of the most tense and chilling of the game. With no shooting or combat sections, it has been much easier to implement third person. Instead of controlling Ethan, the character that allows us to handle this mod is one of the daughters of Alcina Dimitrescu, the most popular villain of the title of Capcom.

Even though the game looks pretty spectacular in the third person, it’s fair to say that lose some immersion when changing perspective. Resident Evil Village has been designed to be played in the first person and as such there are certain mechanics and sections that do not work as they should in third person. You are in favor of this new first-person aspect of Resident Evil Or would you prefer the third round?

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