The community of modders has been delighting us with all sorts of wacky mods for a few days Resident Evil 8: Village. We find everything from the inclusion of characters that are totally out of place in the game, to whole body replacements. The last of them has been to put the head of a baby to the body of Chris Redfield to close the circle that started with a baby having the face of the same character.

Chris baby

To contextualize a bit, the mods from Chris Redfield they started by replacing the head of Rosemary, the daughter of the protagonist Ethan Winters, for that of Chris Redfield. The result was terrifyingly frightening due to the imbalance between the size of the baby’s body and the adult head. When asked about “What if it was the other way around?”, the modders managed to transfer the head of Rosemary in the body of Chris, getting an even weirder result. What is obtained is a mixture between strange and disturbing and can only be seen in the intro sequence of the video game of Capcom.

Chris has undergone a very drastic change in his appearance thanks to the mod that exchanges his head for that of a baby

For those curious, the mod It can be downloaded through the Nexus Mods portal completely free of charge. The mod receives the name of Baby Over Chris Face and does full justice to its content. The funny thing about it is how well integrated the baby’s head is in the baby’s body. Chris, especially because of how their facial features and especially when he frowns. The only detail that is not well resolved is that of the eyes, which are static. The counterpart of this mod, Mini Me Chris, it can also be downloaded through this link.


The author of both modifications is JTeghius Kittius, who was overwhelmed by a multitude of comments and requests for him to do more mods related with Chris Redfield. Paradoxically and very far from what these mods, Chris Redfield shows his darker and human facet in the game. Although to find out, you will have to play the game. If you are still undecided about whether to buy Resident Evil 8: Village or not, maybe our analysis can help you clarify your ideas. The eighth main installment of Resident Evil has had one of its biggest releases with a total of 3 million copies sold in just 4 days. You want to try the game with the crazy ones mods?

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