Capcom has taken advantage of the presentation Resident Evil Showcase last night to offer a whole set of information from Resident Evil 8: Village, which will be available in Spain and around the world next May 7th. The game will debut in PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S, and we already know what is your resolution and framerate in each of its platforms and versions. Also, we already know that the new demo of the game will be available on May 2.

Resolution and framerate Resident Evil 8: Village

As the user echoes Wario64 on Twitter, the official website of Resident Evil 8: Village takes care of breaking down what will be the execution of the game in each of the platforms where to be available this next May. We leave you with the list below for you to take a look at:

  • PlayStation 5: 4K HDR/60 FPS
  • PlayStation 5 (con Ray Tracing): 4K HDR/45 FPS
  • Xbox Series X: 4K HDR/60 FPS
  • Xbox Series X (con Ray Tracing): 4K HDR/45 FPS
  • Xbox Series S: 1440p HDR/45 FPS
  • Xbox Series S (con Ray Tracing): 1440p HDR/30 FPS
  • PlayStation 4 Pro: 1080p/60 FPS
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (high resolution): 4K HDR/30 FPS
  • PlayStation 4: 900p/45 FPS
  • Xbox One X: 1080p/60 FPS
  • Xbox One X (high resolution): 4K HDR/30 FPS
  • Xbox One: 900p/30 FPS
  • Stadia: 1080p/60 FPS or 4K 60 FPS (4K se escala mediante resolucin dinmica)

Resident Evil 8: Village will be playable at 4K and 60fps on next-gen consoles

The game too be available on PC, but this version has not been part of Capcom’s list. As you can appreciate, Village can be played on PS5 and Xbox Series X at 4K and 60 fps; but if we activate ray tracing, the game will be offered at 4K and 45 fps; Meanwhile in Xbox Series S we discovered a resolution of 1440p and 45 fps, going down to 30 fps if we activate ray tracing.

The news comes after the event has been held Resident Evil Showcase, where they have presented a new trailer for Village, the announcement of Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus Quest 2, details of the multiplatform demo for Village and a new trailer of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness para Netflix.

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