Relic Entertainment is a strategy video game studio that was founded in 1997 and, since then, has earned the respect of lovers of one of the star genres on PC with authentic games such as Homeworld or the sagas Company of Heroes Y Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War who have achieved great success over the past few years.

Today, by surprise, Relic has announced Company of Heroes 3, the third installment of his license set in the bloody World War II which was presented after a broadcast with a countdown of 24 hours in which images from WW2 were shown while a map of Italy could be seen in the background that gave us clues about a possible campaign in Southern Europe.

With this new installment that at the moment it has no release date, Relic wants unite the combat mechanics that characterized the saga as the different platoons that we are moving dynamically around the stage or their coverage system in buildings new ways to flank or infiltrate in the enemy lines that will allow us to expel them from their garrisons to expose them to our game.

I was born in the Mediterranean

As we were hinted at in the live prior to the official announcement Company of Heroes 3 I know set in the Mediterranean to offer us scenarios in which we will see new stories of war never told that will take us from the mountain passes of Italy to the inhospitable desert of North Africa.

The maps, in addition to betting on be spectacular at the graphic level, they will also require different strategies and for example in the mountains we will see how the verticality greatly affects the vision of the units while in the desert we will have to explore the areas very carefully so as not to fall into an ambush.

Company of Heroes 3 ser

The largest campaign in COH history with a ‘sandbox’ style of play

Relic ensures that the campaign of Company of Heroes 3 be the biggest in franchise history offering us a dynamic campaign map with a game in the style sandboxin which players can direct all war maneuvers and enjoy an unprecedented strategic decision system“being able to establish supply lines, launch naval and air attacks to expel enemies from a city or liberate a nearby city to begin to weave a web of spies.

*News in development

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