Red Dead Online, the multiplayer aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2, has great news for Spanish players and players from around the world for next week. Rockstar’s Wild West is getting everything ready to welcome its new update, Blood Money, which will arrive accompanied by more History, by the Quick Draw club and much more. Under these lines we show you the trilers and details of each section.

Blood Money – New update on July 13

The Wild West will become even more dangerous with the debut of Blood Money next week. Rockstar teases that gamers can wait “new forays into the criminal underworld of the West”, which will bring with them new rewards that will be available from the same July 13. In addition to this batch of bonuses, four passes of 25 ranks of the Quick Draw Club will be added, which we will detail further down these lines.

Regarding the history of Blood Money, we discovered that Saint Denis’ deputy chief and Angelo Bronte’s trusted lieutenant in Red Dead Redemption 2, Guido Martelli, est looking for gunmen who can help reestablish control over Capitale’s black market merchandise. To help him in his task, players will have to engage in robberies with different phases, blackmail, brutal debt collections and much more.

Update details

Unscrupulous gunmen wanted in Blood Money

In addition, the update will bring new clothing, items available again, support for NVIDIA DLSS for PC gamers and much more. The trailer, on the other hand, has featured the theme Letter From Bluewater Man, played in-game by Grammy-nominated American blues guitarist and vocalist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.

Club Quick Draw

With each installment of the Quick Draw club, players will unlock 25 reward tiers for 25 gold bars, each with the purchase cost being recovered by completing all 25 ranks on each pass. This means that this section provides a whole flood of unlockable rewards. The first batch will arrive July 13-9, and include Dutch van der Linde’s Redcliff outfit from Red Dead Redemption 2. Additionally, players who purchase all four Quick Draw club installments will get free access to the Halloween 2 Pass.

In this way, with the Quick Draw 1 club you will get:

  • Dutch’s Redcliff outfit
  • The Whitchurch variant for the Cattleman revolver
  • The Rushword Shirt
  • The Fircroft hat
  • The horsehair
  • Up to 25 gold bars and more
Quick Draw club pass 1 content

  • Pass dates
  • With each Quick Draw club pass, you will gain access to 25 levels of rewards for 25 gold bars. Get 25 gold bars by completing all 25 levels. In addition, if you buy all four Quick Draw Club passes, you will get free access to Halloween Pass 2. You will also get additional bonuses when you buy consecutive passes.

    No. 1 FROM JULY 13 TO AUGUST 9

    • Dutch Redcliff Outfit
    • Camisa Rushword
    • Whitchurch variant for the Cattleman revolver


    • Rowberrow outfit
    • Haverhill hat
    • Cartridge liners


    • Mira Beadnell
    • Cuchillo Bagshot
    • Layham Jacket
    • Galleywood Siding


    • Ibarra variant for the Mauser pistol
    • Huntingdock shelter
    • Poncho Forester
    • Dunster outfit

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