Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, is making preparations to welcome the next game update: Blood Money, which will be available next July 13 in Spain and around the world. While its first trailer is expected to debut on the game’s official website today, Rockstar wants to bring outlaws a whole string of new features and perks that are now available. Double rewards, discounts and much more await us in this Wild West.

Bonuses in all Showdown Modes and in The Land of Opportunity

Red Dead Online and its weekly news

“To prepare for the release of the new update of Red Dead Online: Blood Money, on July 13, take advantage of special bonuses in Red Dead Online all week, “detailed from Rockstar,” which include the double RDO $ and EXP in all Showdown modes and in The Land of Opportunity. ”

But that’s not all: if we are victorious in any Showdown mode this week, we will receive a 30% discount on any upgrade to skill card. If you complete “Kill them all, one by one” in The land of opportunity, you will receive as a reward a treasure map. Liquorists of level 100 or higher who win a Showdown mode will get a discount of 3 bars on any liquor design.

Blood Money brings special news to Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online receives special bonuses for Blood Money, arriving July 13

Older Red Dead Online players (those who have reached level 100 or higher) will receive a 50% discount on a weapon, and everyone who modifies any weapon this week will get a 40% discount on a selected revolver and rapid revolver ammunition (x200). Also, this week there will be no level requirements on the fence when it comes to purchasing weapons and guides.

Ms details the Red Dead Online: Blood Money Maana

On July 7, here on the Newswire, you can find out all kinds of details and enjoy the official trailer for Red Dead Online: Blood Money, which will be released the following week.


New discounts in Red Dead Online
  • Skill Cards 40% off
  • Turkmen Horses 30% off
  • Weapon Crafting Guides 40% off
  • Precision Rifles 30% off
  • Shotguns 30% off
  • Weapons in the perista 40% discount
  • Shoulder bags 30% discount
  • Hats 30% off

Advantages of Prime Gaming

Red Dead Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts by August 2 will receive a mount, 2 free treasure maps and a 40% discount on the fast travel pole.

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