Insomniac Games has released a new update of Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte, on sale on PlayStation 5, which adds a new option to the usual corrections and other adjustments for players with screens compatible with 120 Hz. This mode seeks to further reduce latency during the action, and also increases frame rate in fidelity mode to 40 fps; fluency will be greater than the 30 fps limit above and the player will not see any framepacing -120, the refresh rate, is a multiple of 40-. We remind you that it also includes a performance mode at 60 images per second and another performance mode with ray-tracing at 60 fps with different resolutions.

Patch 1.002 gives the option to disable the visual effect of the phantom scrolling, the option to skip scenes can be brought to the crosshead and now there is the option to disable the message and slow motion with increasing levels. The rest of the changes affect some bugs, add new ones stickers, expand photo mode options and more.

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A separate dimension is the return of these veteran characters who debuted on PlayStation 2. This time they face a new threat that originates from the collision and breakage of different dimensions, something that will have great importance in the story and the gameplay itself: thanks to the SSD From the console we can jump from one world to another in an instant, change position during a fight and enter into hidden challenges on the stage.

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