The formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, a shooter cooperative with touches of terror, has changed its name for obvious reasons: Ubisoft has considered that it is not the time to launch a game with that title and has decided to modify it for one more appropriate to the current health alert. The development team officially announced it today in an introductory video: the chosen name has been Rainbow Six Extraction.

“We are aware of the speculation and today we are pleased to let you know the official name of our game,” he says Antonie Vimal du Monteil, producer of Rainbow Six Extraction, referring to the rumors of a possible nomenclature change for this project originally announced at E3 2019. Below you can see the video in which the name change is announced:

First look at gameplay from Rainbow Six Extraction

In addition to this video, Ubisoft has shared a kinematic trailer of Rainbow Six Extraction in which we can see how the enemy parasite awakens, sounding the alarm of what appears to be a military containment complex. In both videos it is emphasized that the first gameplay of this game will be shown on June 12 in Ubisoft Forward, an event framed in E3 2021 that will start on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

In that new video gameplay we can see more details of the game, as some that has already advanced Patrick Meth, creative director of the project, in the presentation video; In it he explains that in this new installment they have taken the foundations of Rainbow Six: Siege to “create a shooter cooperative tactic “in which the agents of the group will have to unite to fight “an ever-evolving alien threat”. Meth also emphasizes that the team will have to fight so that “no one is left behind” because Rainbow Six Extraction lives up to its name.

Rainbow Six Extraction will leave before September 30, 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC.

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