Cheating It is not a strange practice within the video game industry, and much less in those titles that attract a great deal of attention from the public. In recent years it has become a whole business As video game studios struggle with these methods, which tarnish the experience they have conceived for their titles. You just have to do a quick search to find someone who sells software to circumvent the rules of a game. A title that does not escape these cobwebs is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: today we know the history of the pgina web Cheat Ninja and its creator, Catfish, which continues to be sought by the Chinese authorities.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Cheat Ninja, China and Catfish: The Story

Ninja Cheats has been the most sought after place for cheaters in China, a market where Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds it is especially popular. In January of this year there was its closure, but since Vice they have managed to locate Catfish, the original developer of this portal who got escape arrest by Chinese authorities. Already in 2020 Cheat Ninja was the target of a major legal investigation, after which several of its key figures were finally arrested …

All except Catfish. Our protagonist, after being alerted, he literally used “a good old hammer” to destroy all his drives. Afterward, he removed his cheat servers to start hiding. While Catfish remained in hiding, investigators in April revealed Cheat Ninja’s earnings: they claimed they reached enter 77 million dollars with their cheats. Catfish has pointed out that that figure is more or less accurate thanks to the inflation of Bitcoin, although previous estimates were around 46 million.

“We offer the best cheats for the most popular game”

Where did all this money come from? Cheat Ninja made cheating a business: offered subscriptions between $ 10-15 per month. At its peak, the portal maintains that they managed to attract 1000 new subscribers every day, generating the amount of $ 350,000 per month. “However, this is not the norm in the cheating market,” Catfish tells the outlet. “I think we did it because, simply, we offer the best cheats for the most popular game“.

I want to ruin the games [de estas empresas] and hurt your winnings“Said Catfish. However, from Vice they point out that a few days later he changed his speech slightly:” I’m leaving this topic of getting paid for cheating. I no longer need to make money out of this, and it was too stressful to fight all these anti-cheats, competitors, scammers, crackers, etc, not to mention the police. I still keep cheating, but only for me some friends“.

What’s new in PUBG

Leaving aside all this emporium of traps, we remind you that PUBG recently welcomed its season 11 on all its platforms. Among its main novelties we discover the return of the Pramo map and the introduction of the emergency pickup, which serves to help us in the most difficult situations. You have all the details here.

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