Double Fine Productions throw Psychonauts 2 this year if the thing does not go wrong, and in Game Informer They have published a gameplay (inserted below) where we are shown a totally new level that mix a casino and a hospital this platformer adventure whose flag is the mental powers, the humor and exploration of trauma.

Specifically, in the gameplay we see the protagonist, Raz, immerse himself in the mind de Hollis Forsythe, the second at the hand of the squad Psychonauts. The problem is that, in the absence of funding for the team, Raz used his power to connect ideas in your boss with the intention that get the necessary money by betting.

The problem is that Forsythe has mixed that casino idea with a trauma from the past from when I worked in a hospital. Thus, the level mixes impossible designs, both visually and mechanically: from syringe-headed waiters to movie scenes. 2.5D platforms where Raz will have to jump for brains from the patients.

According to the video, this world will have a free structure which allow players to access different parts of the hospital / casino and complete them in any order they wish. Of course, in a casino will not lack the minigames, and some of them will be fundamental, such as un pachinko in which Raz must lower a pill to the end, which is a stomach.

Llegar en 2021 a PC, PS4, Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One

Psychonauts 2 had a crowdfunding campaign in Fig where it raised almost 4 million dollars as of January 2016. Since then it continues in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After the purchase of Double Fine Productions by Xbox Game Studios, the title will remain cross-platform, but a versin para Xbox Series X/S. The title will be released in 2021 and is already in the “polishing” phase.

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