Double Fine Productions He was already in charge of pointing out a few months ago that Psychonauts 2 It was still scheduled to debut this same 2021, after having faced several delays. Its creators claimed that the project was in the “polishing” phase before the end of 2020, but have not confirmed a date for its launch so far. However, it is possible that the players were responsible for solving the unknown: the game could be released next August 25, as they have discovered taking a look on Steam.

Psychonauts 2 and your possible departure date

The GrrImAFridge user at ResetEra has been in charge of discovering what could be the debut date of Psychonauts 2. If we access the next Steam releases and sort the list according to date, it appears Double Fine’s game title among projects releasing on August 25. It should be noted that this could be a placeholder generated by the Valve store. But the truth is that Until recently, the game offered a placeholder date of December 31st. (which is usually the usual in these cases).

For the moment, we cannot take this finding as confirmation of the launch of Psychonauts 2. He is expected to be present at the conference Microsoft during the E3 2021, set for June 13 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). The Redmond company will probably take advantage of the Los Angeles appointment to offer more details about the debut of the long-awaited sequel, along with other games like Hellblade 2, which aims to also present a new advance.

Psychonauts 2 podr

Psychonauts 2: What we know about this second part

Characterized by the humor of Tim Schaffer (Grim Fandango, The Secret of Monkey Island), this adventure invites us to control again Once… 15 years after the debut of the first game. Offer a visual and graphical update compared to the original, and bet again on action and platforms as a way to guide players through this crazy odyssey. “Psychonauts 2 promises to be fun, varied and highly entertaining. We like your proposal, and we like how good it looks “, we wrote in our impressions.

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