We have been talking to you about FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), a new texture rescaling and smoothing technology that AMD released on June 23 in response to NVIDIA DLSS and that improves the performance of compatible games, something very useful for both more modest computers and consoles.

After the official launch, AMD and Sony had us intrigued as to whether FSR was coming to PlayStation 5 because in the presentation of the technology, although it was said that it would reach all Ryzen processors with built-in Radeon graphics (as is the case), there was no mention at any time of the Sony or Microsoft consoles, although finally this system will be available both on Xbox Series X / S as on PS5.

The compatibility with Xbox consoles was in charge of cackling it publicly Microsoft weeks ago while that of PS5 we know it thanks to the video game Arcadegeddon, a new shooter cooperative that has been available since July 9 on computers and also on PlayStation 5.

In fact the “ad” comes through the patch notes of the latest update of Arcadegeddon in which you can read that on PS5 it is Enable by default the AMD FSR 1.0 and TAAU Hybrid Upscaling technologies confirming in this way that FidelityFX Super Resolution can also be used on the Sony console as long as the developers activate it.

Open source, four modes, and support for over 100 graphics

AMD FSR is an open source spatial rescaling technology designed to increase the fps of video games while still having good image quality and high resolution. This system has four different modes (Performance, Balanced, Quality and Ultra Quality) and is compatible with more than 100 graphics cards including several generations of AMD and even the most popular GPUs from NVIDIA.

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