The PS Store of PS Vita, and PS3, will remain available for the time being after the change of opinion of Sony that had set a deadline for the digital distribution of these platforms. That does not mean that the catalog of these consoles is renewed, since today the deadline to launch new features on PS Vita ends; There will be no more games on the laptop, although users will be able to continue shopping on the PS Store -those and any previous releases-.

One of the latest titles for PS Vita is Russian Subway Dogs, an arcade-style indie title from Spooky Squid Games “inspired by the real-life stray dogs on the Moscow subway.” The goal to be steal enough food from people to surviveAlthough some enemies – such as the fearsome bears – will make things more difficult for us. The second game to close the PS Vita catalog is Ultra Mission, a shooter Gumbo Machine zenith in labyrinthine settings.

The initial decision caused complaints among users and developers

“We recently notified gamers that the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita devices will be shutting down this summer. However, upon further reflection, it is clear that we made the wrong decision. So today I am pleased to say that we will keep the PlayStation Store operational on PS3 and PS Vita“, said Jim Ryan after the movements in social networks that criticized the original news, especially in the case of PS Vita, which is a platform that debuted in Spain and the rest of the West in 2012, and a large part of its catalog is productions independents that never had a physical release.

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