PlayStation Blog reports that approximately 17 months have passed since Hermen Hulst took command of PlayStation Studios, the international network of development studies that produce some of the greatest successes in PlayStation. Among the outstanding studies of PlayStation Studios we found names well known by the community: Naughty Dog, creators of the saga Uncharted Y The Last of Us, Santa Monica Studio, who are developing the sequel to God of War O Guerrilla, Responsable of Horizon 2: Forbidden West. Hermen Hulst has shared in a recent interview some information about what is to come for the future of playstation.

From PS Studios they want to bet on narrative games for a player and intergenerational titles

Director of PS Studios has provided information about development updates, thoughts on the development of PS4 and PS5 and the launches of exclusive titles to PC. According to comments Holly, the games narratives for a player remain the top priority for studies linked to PlayStation. In fact, it emphasizes that narrative-driven single-player games are the PS Studios DNA. Since PS Studios They aim to create a variety of experiences for the public with new sagas, great games, smaller and innovative ones and titles for single and multiplayer.

Hermen Hulst You mentioned that you want me to PS Studios be a place that allows creators to join them and do the best work of their careers. In addition to the own studies of Sony, What Insomniac, Sucker Punch O Media Molecule, also considers that close studies such as Kojima Productions O From Software are part of the conglomerate of PS Studios. At the end of the day, PS Studios It is an organization directed to creators and under no circumstances is it exclusive; the idea you want to pursue is to find the best development studios in the world and help them passionately pursue their ideas.

PlayStation Studios currently has the development of more than 25 ttulos, almost half of which are new sagas. The other half correspond to sagas that are already well known by fans of PlayStation. Since PS Studio believe that the development of new sagas it’s vital and they promise to offer daring and risk-taking experiences. In addition, Holly wanted to add that they are contemplating the possibility of launching the new Horizon during the holiday season, although he can’t confirm it yet. On God of War: Ragnarok, which will also be released for PS4, they wanted to delay it so that from Santa Monica Studios can offer the best possible product.

Finally, Hermen Hulst has launched a message of reassurance for 110 million PS4 owners. He has emphasized that they will continue to develop intergenerational titles such as Gran Turismo 7, but what PS5 will also have its own exclusive works such as Returnal O Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte. About him PC as a platform to launch PlayStation exclusive, has clarified that they are still in the early planning stages, although they are very satisfied with the performance of those that have already been launched, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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