This same week the news was produced: PlayStation Store closes its doors this summer on the PS3, PS Vita and PSP platforms, as confirmed Sony after the first rumors about it. Players from Spain and from all over the world who use these platforms can re-download the games they have previously purchased; and keep playing the titles they already have. But the rest of the games will disappear. Development studies have been the first to regret this decision, aware that these exclusive games will be lost forever.

The goodbye to the PS Store of PS Vita

“I think it’s a real shame, honestly speaking.”, said one of the developers who has worked on numerous PS Vita titles in the middle The Gamer. “We are at a point now where there shouldn’t even be a discussion about preserving the video gameIn this way, many independent developers are seeing how, before their eyes, years of work or projected earnings will disappear they had established.

There are others who are trying to buy time for the PS Store deadline, so that your game manages to sneak behind the doors of this digital store and have a chance for some players to buy it before closing. “[El cambio] it is something that has to be produced at the publisher level; otherwise, players who want to play these games will have to acquire them from questionable sources instead of the console for which they were intended, “continues the developer.

“They will have to acquire the games from questionable sources.”

The pirate It will have to be the alternative way for all those players who want to continue enjoying certain titles of these consoles, since they will no longer be able to acquire them in the PS Store. “By removing the legitimate option, publishers don’t leave players with many options. It’s especially frustrating given the effort Microsoft is performing to preserve [su] library and achieve great success with it, “he says.

“For me personally, it is also a somewhat sentimental moment. La Vita was home to the first games I ever worked on and it’s always nice to hear from people who are still playing those games, or who have recently acquired them and are enjoying them for the first time. Sad to know that such games will be much less likely to be discovered and enjoyed.. I certainly make sure to download them before they get lost in ether. “

Developer earnings are also affected

Pablo Czech, a developer from Spain, launched its first commercial video game Task Force Kampas in September 2020 for PS Vita, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Although the game can be purchased on other platforms, Checa estimates that the removal of the PlayStation Store on Vita will eliminate 20-40% of projected sales profits. The studio’s next game, The hook, was also planned to debut on Vita, but the developer cannot meet the deadline and will have to cancel this version.

The German study Behind the Stone they released the title Sir Eatsalot on PS Vita exactly in April 2018. Until recently, the title was exclusive to the platform, but the development team predicted that Sony would carry out this closure and that’s why they started working on the Switch version. “This is just the latest example of Sony’s failures when it comes to online infrastructure. Okay, some of that is pure speculation on my part, “adds John Berry, developer of Licky the Lucky Lizard Lives Again.

When to close PS Store on PS3, PS Vita and PSP?

Sony confirmed this week that PlayStation Store will close its doors on PS3 and PSP July 2; while the digital store of Vita close on August 27. In turn, the company also anticipated that PlayStation Store to stop offering TV content and movies for purchase or rental as of August 31, 2021, due to the rise in streaming services.

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