The horror saga Project Zero by Koei Tecmo, also known for Fatal Frame in the United States and Zero in Japan, debuted on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2001, but hasn’t received a new release since Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water in 2014 for Wii. The good news is that there is a new licensing project underway but it may not be what many fans were expecting: come back with a pachinko machine. Below you can see his trailer, which includes a notice of “shocking” scenes.

Pachinko machines, similar to pinball but with a video screen, have adapted a multitude of video game sagas. Perhaps some of the most famous are those announced by Konami a few years ago dedicated to Castlevania Y Metal Gear Solid, especially since these are series that at the moment do not have continuity -although the latest rumors suggest that this could change-.

Japanese horror with spirits and cameras

Project Zero it’s a survival horror that was born after the success and popularity of Resident Evil Y Silent Hill. Each game focuses on a location where hostile supernatural events take place. The player must investigate the place with the use of a special camera that damages and captures the spirits, and the setting is inspired by elements of Japanese horror. Although it has never been successful in sales of other sagas of the subject, it has had manga adaptations and even a live-action film.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water is a horror game from 10 years ago, for the good and for the bad. A complete adventure, with content that anywhere else will easily charge you as downloadable at a gold price included for those who squeeze the game, with classic mechanics, a somewhat outdated control and a very good setting. He uses the GamePad with great success, and keeps the essence of the saga intact. In fact, so intact that not everyone likes the lack of evolution “, we told you in the analysis of the most recent title.

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