South Korean studio Project Cloud Games has announced a new multiplayer action game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation to be ready in early 2023: Project Relic. The consoles have not been specifically mentioned, but by the scheduled date the platforms of the previous generation may be discarded and it will only arrive on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. We show you its first trailer, in which we can see action with swords in a world of fantasy, and although it seems to be inspired slightly by the combat of the Souls its gameplay is faster, similar to a hack’n slash. The action takes place on large maps of forests or villages, which gives more freedom to face each combat.

Project Relic is a multiplayer action game from Project Cloud Games, “says the team.” Although this is a small indie company made up of nine developers, with our passion and vision we are creating a beautiful game. The company’s goal is to make games more entertaining than usual. We would like to give players the opportunity to experience a new world and fun that has not been seen. This material – the video – recorded of the game is the final prototype of our game. We believe this is only the beginning of production but we are sure that the final version will give you an exceptional experience. “

There will be several playable characters

The video indicates that there will be more playable characters than the two shown, Kamel and Yan, but we do not know any other details, nor how the multiplayer works that could be both cooperative and competitive. It is the only known game from the studio, as can be seen on its YouTube channel.

Announced Project Relic, a t

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