The heat of battle aims to be served with Project HP, the new title “triple A for computer” just announced Nexon (MapleStory) this week. With characteristics that make us think of titles like Chivalry O For Honor, his first preview presents us with a brutal battlefield where it seems that Players will be able to choose between different classes of characters to launch into battle. Paladins, archers or mages shake hands in this feast of action, and we have already learned the first details of the proposal. Next month a pre-alpha test will be held.

Project HP, the outbreak of war

Project HP is defined as a triple A computer game that is directed by Eunseok Yi, who has previously worked on projects such as Mabinogi, Vindictus Y Durango. Although the title “Project HP” is provisional, it seems that the project is already in very good health judging by what is seen in the trailer. It seems that we will immerse ourselves in a battlefield between different types of characters, where there will also be room for magic.

It should be noted that the trailer, at 4k and 60 fps, makes use of the motor itself of the game, which serves to give us this dose of brutal action that will permeate the title once the product is finished. As noted from TwinfiniteSince the trailer allows subtitles to be activated, it is very likely that Nexon is targeting a worldwide release. Which means that it will also be available in Spain sooner or later.

Action, magic and a battlefield with different types of characters

Precisely thanks to the subtitles we can read the following premise of the game: “On this battlefield we fall and rise again”. In this sense, you can also read a: “Lay down your lives for the immortals.” Of course, it’s hard to figure out what this whole story is about … but Nexon will likely reveal this information as the days go by.

Interested players will be able to participate in a pre-alpha test (from August 5 to 8) for which you can register from today. Nexon warns, yes, that those under 18 years of age cannot apply to participate in this testing phase. At the moment, we can only wait for Nexon to share more details of this project as the days go by.

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