Paradox Interactive announcements follow in the PDX CON Remixed, their event prior to E3 2021 in which they have shown us the future of some of their most important franchises that will soon receive new content.

Among these franchises is Prison Architect that the next June 16 receive Prison Architect: Second Chances, a new expansion to offer different means to rehabilitate prisoners and changing their behavior including opportunities for inmates to interact with civilians, take classes on conflict resolution peacefully, and much more.

If prisoners improve their behavior they can reduce their sentence and have the chance of their lives beyond prison, something that will also benefit the management of the prison since repeat offenders will have an extra cost of effort on the part of their guards.

Inmate rehabilitation in Prison Architect is something we have been wanting to explore for a long time, but first we needed to investigate how to do it correctly.“said Gaz Wright, director of game design for Prison Architect at Double Eleven.”The programs in this expansion have been implemented in prisons around the world and have begun to see real results. We strived to make its implementation at Prison Architec feel authentic while maintaining the signature style that players have come to expect from the game.“.

Empire of Without receiving its first paid DLC at the end of the year

Another news that PDX CON Remixed has left us is that Empire of Sin, the strategy game from Romero Studios, have its first great expansion paid this year to offer us new content in the form of a new character that we can control, new missions, districts and other characteristics that you can read here.

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