Dr Disrespect He is one of the most controversial characters on the web, a content creator as charismatic as he is controversial who has left clips to remember and who has also been involved in more than one controversial situation such as his expulsion from E3 a few years ago.

Today DOC is once again the protagonist after a fit of rage during its last live show that has ended the streamer uninstalling Call of Duty: Warzone, the Battle Royale Activision that triumphs around the world although many users have also complained about the cheats or the balance of the game.

After dying a couple of times unfairly (at least for DOC), the streamer has complained that it is “boring, the meta is horrible, I hate it! It’s a p …. joke, it just puts me in a bad mood, “DOC grunts before uninstalling the live game in a fit of rage.

The new Call of Duty targets WWII and integrates into Warzonne

While DOC decides to uninstall the Battle Royale Activision (which he will probably end up reinstalling as soon as the tantrum subsides) rumors about him Call of Duty from 2021 begin to appear on the network pointing out that this year we would be before Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard set in World War II that will also be integrated into Warzone.

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