PlayStation 5 has a new version of its firmware available, 21.01-03.21.00. This update has a weight of 902 MB and does not add any new functions visible to the user, only a mention of improvements in the stability of the system. The download will start automatically on consoles connected to the Internet and, unlike other firmware, this does not come with an update for the DualSense, the PS5 pad. Those who wish can also download the update to install it via USB when it is published on the official website.

  • Official page with system software (PS5)
  • These types of updates usually correct some type of error with the most modern games. More interesting, in terms of the news that could add, is the firmware for which Sony opened registrations in various countries among which Spain was not. “Since the launch of PS5 our teams have been continually working to improve your experience on the console. Throughout this year we will release another major system update with new features, and we want your help testing it, “said Sony.

    Internal SSD upgrade coming soon

    What can the next big update bring? Well, one of these characteristics would be internal storage expansion, a show that is expected this summer. The PS5 SSD -whether the model with or without a Blu-ray reader- includes 825 GB which in practice is reduced to 667 GB, and although it is more than enough to store several PS5 games thanks to its optimization with compression Some of the latest PS4 releases exceed 100GB. External discs can only be used for PS4 games, which it is compatible with, but after the future update, players will only need to remove a piece of plastic and put in a new drive to remove the current limitation.

    There are other types of novelties that will arrive sooner or later with updates, such as compatibility with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) or the native resolution 1440p – a demand among gamers who use PC monitors.

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