Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 5 -in its model with a Blu-ray disc reader- and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition -the model without a reader- will be available sale in China on May 15, with prices very similar to those in Europe: almost 500 and 400 euros at the exchange rate respectively. The new generation of Sony arrives a few months later than the rest of the world – it arrived in Spain on November 19 – but it is the great bid to enter a market that for years has been dominated by the PC; In 2014 China lifted the veto on consoles, and since then the big manufacturers have been trying to attract gamers, something that could skyrocket the number of systems sold.

The reservations were opened yesterday, April 29, and as has happened in the rest of the world have been sold out immediately. There is no figure for the units that were put up for sale, but given the current semiconductor crisis there probably won’t be many.

Sony’s Shanghai offices are trying to bring some of their games to launch or in the near future, including Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte, Sackboy: A Big Adventure or the free game Genshin Impact. Several Chinese developers have confirmed their intention to release games on PS5, in addition to those participating in Sony’s China Hero Project program, such as Lost Soul Aside.

A PlayStation Plus Collection different from that of the West

Users subscribed to PlayStation Plus in China will have access to a collection of PS4 games, as in other regions, although the number is reduced to twelve games and the catalog is something different from ours. The selected games are the following:

PS5 has sold 7.8 million consoles worldwide And it is the fastest selling in history in this period, surpassing the figure marked by PlayStation 4.

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