The revisions of both portable and desktop consoles have been the order of the day for several generations. While Phil Spencer I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Xbox has no plans to release short-term reviews of Xbox Series X / S, from Sony they seem to have plans for your PS5 without disc reader (goes Wccftech). The revision of the PlayStation 5 digital edition will begin shipping later this month with some slight changes from the original model, so we are not talking about a complete reissue as such or a very drastic change.

A lighter PS5 with a new screw for the base

The new model of PS5 digital edition, belonging to the serie CFI-1100B01 and included in several Japanese websites, be 300 grams lighter than originally released model and will come with a thumb screw for base. The mentioned websites do not specify too much detail about the components that will have changed to make the console lighter, but from Wccftech they assure that they could have applied some changes in fan and heat sink, which were quite large on the original model. No further substantial news has been announced.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition or digital edition was released along with the base model with hard drive in November 2020, although today both models are difficult to find due to lack of stock. Like the standard model, the PS5 Digital Edition features a SSD hard drive that allows a very high loading speed, although it is much thinner since it does not have the disc player. Recently it has been discovered that Sony’s next generation console is compatible with AMD FSR and its power has been compared to the Steam Deck, the new valve console.

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