Sony posted today, June 9, a new PlayStation 5 firmware update. The version 21.01-03.20.00 of 902 MB is now available and will begin to download with the console connected to the internet. Officially it is only mentioned that “improves system performance“, so in the absence of official comments or user comments, it is unknown if it brings any visible change in options or is only aimed at internal changes and solving any incompatibility with the latest news. The firmware is accompanied by an update for the DualSense, a detail that the console will notify us once the operating system has been updated. To update the controller, it is only necessary to connect the pad to the console with a USB cable and wait a few moments – in this case there is no restart.

The April update made several changes to the console and also better the way the DualSense emulates the vibration of the DualShock 4 when playing PS4 titles on PS5. The mechanism is different, DualSense uses hepatic response, but the feel has been made to be more like the rotary motors of the DualShock 4 than it was at the launch of the console.

In case there is any installation problem After the update, the user must access the Downloads / Uploads section of the control center, select the system software update, enter “see error information” and accept “try again”. If the problem persists, from PlayStation support page you can download the update file to a USB drive from which to install it – the new version is not yet available at this time.

The first firmware updates arrived in April

On April 13, Sony published the first major update of firmware by PS5 since the launch of the console on November 12-November 19 in Spain. Among these novelties is the possibility of transferring PS5 games to a USB drive to store them, adding Share Play between generations, improvements in the Game Base tab and changes in the HDR options, among other things.

PlayStation 5 updates its firmware today to improve system performance

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