The video game They are much more than an art or entertainment, they are also a way of interacting with our friends and a means that allows us to develop or perfect some skills that can help us in our day to day.

In spite of everything, video games have always been something taboo within some social circles, causing the prejudices of many people, prejudices and myths that are dismantled with the latest ManpowerGroup study who come to the conclusion that playing video games can help you get a job.

The reason is that many Players are able to learn and perfect through video games some of the skills most demanded by companies today as the teamwork, decision-making, critical thinking, leadership or effective feedback / criticism to improve work.

Video games and job skills

Tell me what you play and I will tell you what skills you develop

Manpower has developed after the study a tool called Gaming Skills Translator in which we can detail the video games we play, our experience, playing time and knowledge. With this data the tool translates that information and extracts it into a job skills equivalency that can be added to CVs or mentioned in interviews. In addition, according to the company itself, this “skills translator also works in the opposite direction, and offers recruiters a very effective solution to more accurately assess the potential of the candidate for the open position”.

To conduct this study and develop this ManpowerGroup tool has analyzed more than 11,000 video games of 13 different genres and for example fans of team games What Call of Duty The Rocket League improve social skills while game players strategy MOBA as StarCraft The League of Legends develop capacities of planning or decision making.

Examples of video game skills

Fans of adventure, action or MMO titles like World of Warcraft The Assassin’s Creed stand out in collaborate, communicate and make decisions while those who enjoy games like The Elder Scrolls, Minecraft The The Legend of Zelda they usually develop greater creativity and a better visual-spatial capacity.

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