Today is a historic day in the world of videogames for various reasons related to football simulators, the first being the disappearance of the Pro Evolution Soccer saga Konami, which the Japanese studio abandons in favor of eFootball, its new license that breaks with the model of traditional sports simulators by betting on the free to play.

Following the announcement of goodbye from PES, the community of fans Pro Evolution Soccer has not been slow to raise its voice in networks to pay tribute to a saga that has given us wonderful moments enjoying virtual football alone, with friends next to us on the same sofa or through the internet playing friendly matches, leagues or qualifiers.

For example, one of the first actions of PES fans has been turn into trending topic de Twitter a Castolo, one of the fictitious legends of the game that was part of that “dream” team (note the irony) with which we had to start our journey in the Master League and whom over the years we ended up becoming fond of, both through Castolo as well as Marrius, Ximelez, Stremer and many other “icons”.

In addition, many other fans and influencers they have also wanted have words for the farewell of one of the most emblematic sagas of football that had its best in the generations of PS2 and PS3 / Xbox 360:

eFootball is the successor to PES

Today we say goodbye to a saga that has been with us for the entire millennium since its first installment was released in 2001 for PS2 picking up the baton ISS Y Winning Eleven so now we are facing a new name change in the saga that is restarted with eFootball, a successor that adopts a free-to-play business model that will be released in early fall for PS5, PS4, XSX / S, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android.

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