PlatinumGames last year he played an unfortunate joke on the occasion of the April Fools’, something like April Fool’s Day for those who do not live in Spain: the Japanese studio warmed up the atmosphere by anticipating that on April 1, 2020 they were going to announce a new and “extraordinary” project, but when the day came it only showed a fake Sol Cresta trailer, a fictional continuation of Moon Crest and Terra Cresta, arcade games released in 1980 and 1985 respectively.

Now, just one after of that fateful joke that even Hideki Kamiya came out to explain, PlatinumGames has re-released a trailer from Sun Crest with the difference that this time it is a real game. The company appears to have collaborated with Hamster, owner of the IP since 2013, to launch this new installment on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch throughout this year. Below you can see the video published today, which even shows playability of this new project to clear the doubts about whether or not it is a real video game.

A classic is back (and this time it seems like no joke)

Yes OK it could be a continuation of last year’s joke, it would be strange to think that PlatinumGames would have worked so hard on a game not to end up releasing it, and that possibility is unlikely due to the little reception that the false advertisement had of the April Fools’ of 2020. By also mentioning the platforms on which it will be launched, the possibility that it is again a studio joke is practically ruled out.

So we have to wait for more information about this peculiar new game from PlatinumGames, a title that recover the essence of the aerial perspective shooters so common in the eighties and try to revive them by betting on giving a modernized approach to this popular arcade genre. In the trailer gameplay we see some ships with special powers, a point upgrade system, and a vertical screen layout old-fashioned, taking advantage of new pan resolutions to display game information.

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