Pioneer comes to delight lovers of the survival genre: it is a MMORPG postapocalptico developed by the russian studio GFA Games, who wanted to lean on the saga S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to shape this project. Point to debut on PC and consoles (that have not been specified) and will use the engine Unreal Engine. We have already been able to enjoy their first 8 minutes of gameplay, which you can see in the video that we leave you under these lines:

Pioneer, surviving the post-apocalypse

While the project has been in the pipeline for years, finally GFA Games can start to show his first advances. The story of Pioneer It takes us to an island full of Soviet facilities: abandoned apartment blocks and secret bases crowd this territory. As a result of a catastrophe, which has not been detailed, the place will be full of animals and plants that have undergone mutations. We will have to access this location in order to save our comrades in arms, and find a mysterious research station known as MOGILNIK.

“You are a superman and, at the same time, you are a prisoner”, detail the creators on the official website. “You are the perfect tool that was not useful to the creator. But it is you who will take all the answers in this world.” In this sense, from GFA Games we anticipate a changed universe, where the old rules no longer work and there is only one to take into account: “The one who is better armed is right”.

“You are a superman and, at the same time, you are a prisoner”

As we can see in the preview, we find a game of first person shooting that bets on the classic mechanics of the genre. At the same time, Pioneer has a weapon modification system, which allows us to adapt our fighting style to our liking. In fact, in the description of the game it is suggested that we can also add modifications to our character.

“The game features a broad ‘tree’ of development, which allows everyone to create their own ideal hero, “the team details.” You can acquire new skills, change your body and create weapons. “In this way, the game also has a progression based on the influence system: we will gain influence level by completing tasks and missions, and those experience points will allow us to unlock better providers and new missions.

The influence system allows us to access better suppliers and missions

“And remember: if you don’t have a friend who can cover your back, at least have a bulletproof vest to do it,” the creators continue. Pioneer he leans on the game PVE, where players will have to join forces in the face of the dangerous world that appears before them. We will also find PVP battles in the so-called “empty lands”, where we can get hold of valuable spoils left behind by the Russian army.

Finally, mention that Pioner’s creatures and characters will modify their behavior depending, among other things, on the time of day: For example, during the night the most dangerous monsters will go out to hunt their prey. So we will have to choose well when we want to go out to complete our missions. You can find more information about the game on its website.

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