During the last few months there has been a lot of talk about the video game preservation: because certain publishers have withdrawn games from the stores justifying that it was a celebration of an anniversary; because another big brand planned to close several digital stores, leaving hundreds of games adrift; and because another company, which like all has the main interest to obtain profits, seems to have become a champion of the preservation of the environment thanks backward compatibility from their consoles.

We talk about Microsoft, its Xbox Series X/S which visually and optionally enhance some of the classics, and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who this July 14 went through Kinda Funny Gamecast. In the North American podcast he launched two ideas: first, that the video game industry should unite in an initiative for the preservation of interactive leisure as cinema, television and literature already do; second, that your cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming, can offer you go for that purpose.

An initiative such as the preservation of television and cinema

“I am a little worried about losing our art form and its history. When I think about the old ROMs, MAME and those things where all those old games go according to the hardware that is capable of running those games [desaparece]… “, began Spencer in statements collected by VGC. “I really wish that as an industry we come together to help preserve history of the video game so that we do not lose the possibility of looking back. “

He exemplifies the issue with The Paley Center for Media, the old Museum of Television and Radio located in New York, where American television programs, internet shows, programs made for mobile platforms and even podcasts are preserved, in the same way as the Spanish Film Library or the archive of RTVE with all the production made by radio and public television in our country. The Spanish National Library asked for the collaboration of citizens to archive all the games played here.


The executive is aware that the task They’re not here fcil as in other arts because the video game is closely tied to hardware. It is the case of games of Kinect, the motion capture peripheral for Xbox 360 and Xbox One: “Kinect is difficult because we no longer support the device. That’s one of the things about games, when you get to custom-made hardware. […]”.

The game in the cloud help preservation, according to the head of Xbox

Speaking specifically about the measures the Xbox team has taken for preservation, he begins by saying that in Xbox One were able to emulate Xbox 360 games thanks to the machine was powerful enough to emulate Power PC instructions for an X86 chipset. However, cloud play would take that worry out of emulation, according to Spencer.

“When you are in the cloud we don’t have to worry about computing capabilities locales to emulate those older systems. Most of those older systems have very low specs, so it’s not a big deal, but I like that we are able to take it beyond the device that someone has at home. “

“It is one of the [razones] so we look to the cloud and continue with some of our backward compatibility work, which we are still working on, “continues the Xbox boss,” because I want those games to continue to be playable. And not just from an Xbox: look at Psychonauts… I want to anyone is able to play it no matter what controller they use or the platform on which they bought it. “

It is not the first time that Xbox has spoken in these terms about Xbox Cloud Gaming, included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. “Being able to take a trip down memory lane, whether to relive past memories or create new ones with a classic, is delicious and fundamental to preserve history of video games, “the company said in April after including classic titles like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Banjo-Kazooie Y Perfect Dark on the cloud.

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