Xbox Series X/S have had a debut affected by the lack of stock, something that has also splashed PS5, although both do not have a sales rate as bad as you might expect. Phil Spencer, who believes that Xbox is in its prime, has confirmed via a podcast offered by IGN that from the company they do not plan to get reviews of hardware Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Short Term, something to reassure those who are hesitant about buying the console.

It does not close the doors to which they may arrive in the future

Console reviews have always existed and these have evolved over the years until lead to a trend that has not been to the liking of all users. Xbox One X arrived a few years after the launch of Xbox One and was a considerable power increase compared to the original model. Although both consoles share exactly the same catalog, One X brought substantial improvements to the gaming experience. For those of you who fear that history will repeat itself with Xbox Series X / S, Spencer’s new statements will ease you. “There’s nothing coming out next year that makes you feel like, oh I should have waited“, has declared.

“These are the consoles that we have in the markets for years. We built them with that in mind, and I love the technology that is there and that capacity, and that is where our focus goes,” he continued. The fact that Phil Spencer has stated that there are currently no plans for Xbox Series X / S reviews does not mean that in the future they cannot exist. In fact, Spencer himself believes that the new hardware creates new opportunities: “We want to do hardware because actually creates new opportunitiesAnd I’ve said it before, it may be at the lower end that we find more immediate opportunities. ”

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