It is undeniable that the Xbox Game Pass has been one of the most revolutionary services of recent times. The Xbox subscription service has a enviable variety of titles, since Spectacular Triple A, passing by indie intimates, until reaching the timeless classics. On this last group in particular, Phil Spencer recently commented on the latest Kinda Funny Gamecast that the popularity of older games on Game Pass favors that from Xbox consider giving the green light to new deliveries in form of reboot, as has been the case with Fable.

Supporting old sagas makes their comeback easier

“See more people playing something like Prey, Dishonored or going back to Fable And that you can talk about those games, for us, as we sit down as a creative organization and observe what interests people, gives us more data to think about what we could take and move forward with new ideas and new equipment they want to do that, “the Xbox director explained.” So yes, Xbox Game Pass has definitely been a great source. It was amazing when Bethesda walked in and we were able to put their classic games on Game Pass and come back with the legacy that we have with some of the series. Even think about Rare Replay it was really interesting for us and letting people experience some of the old sagas. ”

Phil Spencer has given the green light on previous occasions to revivals of classic sagas such as Battletoads, Flight Simulator, Own Fable or the absent Perfect Dark during E3 2021. The Xbox director has been sharing very interesting statements for gamers for a few weeks now; has talked about the development of highly anticipated titles such as The Elder Scrolls VI Y Avowed, the acquisition of studios from different parts of the world and that from Xbox are committed to investing in new and risky games.

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