Phil Spencer recently congratulated Sony on their great work with the DualSense, its most complete and innovative remote control to date. The director of Xbox has offered an interview for Kinda Funny Gamescast and, in addition to the topic that we are going to cover in this news, has also stressed the importance of supporting the classic sagas of the Xbox Games Pass to encourage the creation of new deliveries. Threading with what was commented at the beginning, Spencer has mentioned that from Microsoft could take inspiration from the PS5 controller to renew and add new features to your Xbox Star Controller.

Xbox would take inspiration from the PlayStation controller

“When I think of our roadmap of hardware, I love the evolution of Liz Hamren’s team and the work they have done. We are definitely thinking of different types of devices that can take our games to more places, “Spencer explained.” There is probably some work we can do with our controller. I think Sony has done a good job with their remote, We have observed some of that and we think that there are things that we should do, “said the Xbox manager. It should be remembered that the Xbox controller has undergone some modifications over the generations. Although new functions are added in each revision, its layout and button layout follows a very clear pattern since Xbox One.

Phil Spencer has taken the opportunity to also talk about the possibility of develop some accessory related to virtual reality. “We are seeing what happens on PC. As it relates specifically to virtual reality, the best experience i have seen is quest 2 And I think its untethered capability and ease of use doesn’t require it to be connected to an Xbox in any way, “Spencer confessed.” When I look at a scenario like that, I think of XCloud, I think of the Xbox Live community, I think of other things about how we could bring content to a screen like that“.

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