Paradox has put the finishing touch to PDX Con Remixed (the event in which it has announced the future of some of its most emblematic games) with an announcement that will excite a large part of its community of players since Victoria 3 it’s official.

It is the next great Paradox game in terms of management strategy and civilizations, a title that like previous installments of the saga focus on the victorian era allowing us to take control of any country in the world at that time to be represented in great detail.

As rulers of the nation that we want, we must bring out the economy, diplomacy and other political aspects that our country requires. Among the key factors we will find a simulacin social profunda with cultural, economic and ideological divisions that we must manage well to take care of our population, educating it and preparing it for the future.

In terms of the future we will have to think precisely to face industrialization of our nation with a scientific, technological and social progress that we can control at our choice.
Also, as usual in this type of game, politics and diplomacy will play a key role having to manage the interests of our country, open new legislative reforms and maintain good relations with our neighbors or go to war if it is for our benefit.

Victoria 3 It does not have a release date yet but when it is available it will be for the Game Pass de Microsoft as how to Steam and in the Paradox Store.

Victoria 3

An event full of ads

PDX Con Remixed has been an event full of great paradox ads Among which are the future launch in 2021 of the first expansion of Empire of Sin, the arrival of the first great DLC for Crusader Kings 3 or news from Prision Architec that will surely delight fans of strategy games.

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