Panic Button has made a name for itself by adapting games to consoles, especially the Nintendo Switch. His are the versions of Doom, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Doom Eternal or the most recent Apex Legends for the Nintendo console. After demonstrating their achievements with the optimizations it seems that the studio could convert any project to Switch, so Nintendolife asked – during a chat with Respawn and Panic Button about Apex Legends– for the game that would be most interesting to bring to the hybrid console. Dan Hernberg, Panic Button’s chief production officer, named the latest indie hit, Valheim.

Valheim It has been the surprise of the last few weeks on PC. With its early access, released on Steam last month, it already exceeds five million units, so requests for a console release have quickly started to emerge. Is about an open world survival game, with Norse mythology theme, where we can craft, build and fight in some lands created by procedures. It also allows you to form groups and fight against other players, and as expected from a game in development, to improve or expand its content over the next few months.

“I don’t know if this allows any game to be chosen, but right now I’m playing too much Valheim and I would love to adapt that to Switch “Hernberg says. The team of Valheim It consists of five people, so to get to consoles – something that is not very crazy, it works on the multiplatform Unity engine – it seems very likely that Iron Gate AB will need the collaboration of a studio like Panic Button.

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Valheim and Nintendo Switch

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