Singularity 6, an independent team made up of veterans from Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games y Zynga, they have announced Palia, a MMO that mixes ideas from several hit games: a colorful open world to glide through as in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, social life and interior decoration as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and planting, fishing and other activities as in and Stardew Valley. You can see the ad trailer below.

“Polia is a game of massively multiplayer simulation community-based set in a world of high fantasy totally new with elements of open world adventure games “, they explain from Singularity 6.” It is a welcoming and friendly world that we hope you will love in the next to to fans of the community simulator genre. “

The title has been in development for about three years, although it does not yet have a release date. The developers promise a private prealfa “soon” to which players can aim through the official website. Beyond Windows computers it has not been confirmed if it will be released on other platforms.

Palia prealfa

Players will reach a town where they will have to build your house and spruce up your surroundings, as if it were a Story of Seasons: felling trees, plowing … But the most important thing is not even the decoration of the home, nor take care of the crops, ni to fish nor create clothing, but make friends, both characters in the game (can be played alone) as friends and players we meet in the world, who can be allowed to help decorate the house and take care of the farm.

I will have a story about the disappearance of humanity in Palia

Those who prefer a narrative experience will also have a reason to play. Palia, the territory that also gives its name to the game, was once home to mankind, but the species disappeared thousands of years ago, leaving the place to a kind of elves, machines and other characters that we will meet. Now the humanity has to find its place in the world and discover the mysteries of your ancestors.

Palia tr

The developers say that the design philosophy behind the game has been based on the concept that video games help people bond personal. “Our mission is to forge alternative worlds that deepen the lives of players,” they say in a statement on the studio’s website.

“When I grew up, my grandmother was a titanic figure in my life, partly because of the gaming experiences we share together, “says the game director, Aidan Karabaich, who explains that “whether she was the one beating me in Pac-Man for the hundredth time or she was delighting in a new NES game that we were trying to overcome together for the first time, the games bring us together in a way that no other medium couldThose kinds of experiences and memories are what they want to forge from Singularity 6.

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