There are many applications that have tried to emulate the traditional painting in virtual reality format, even some great titles like Dreams have their VR version on PS4 allowing modeling and creating scenarios in three dimensions, but recently it has been released a new exclusive app for Oculus that puts the focus on realistic drawing with an honestly spectacular result.

Is named Painting VR and is available to 9,99 euros in the Spanish Oculus digital store. Just by seeing the thriller, available under these lines, we can get an idea of ​​how meticulous his recreation of the painting is: he has different types of tools, from brushes and brushes to spray cans and markers, but it also allows us to use our fingers to blur the paint on the canvas, which also presents a strong texture to give more realism to the subject.

Realistic painting in VR

There are some details that show how far the detail of Oisoi, the studio that develops this application: the paint on the brushes becomes clearer as we pass the brush over the canvas because the amount of liquid is running out, something we can play with to paint as in real life, and also has a mechanics that allows us to mix colors directly from paint cans.

Painting VR has recently been released with an almost final version, although Oisoi has made clear its plans to update the app every quarter. The idea is to rely on the community to improve the tool, one that, in addition, ensures that it is accessible both for painting professionals and for newbies in the world. They have a fledgling community of players on Discord, where ideas for improvements such as a button to undo actions or new canvases of smaller sizes have already been proposed. For now they will be added new tools, social functions and new creation scenarios.

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