Overwatch 2 prepares to continue in the wake of the multiplayer shooter that saw the light of day in 2016. Focused on offering “the best competitive experience”, from the developer team of Blizzard have wanted to address some of the issues raised by the community about this sequel. In this sense, they have alluded to title beta, crossover play and ping system, as like cruzada progress. They have also pointed out that have improved the graphics engine, while discard introduce in Overwatch a patch for 120 fps. Below you can find everything they have indicated from Blizzard regarding these issues.

Overwatch 2: Blizzard Reveals New Game Details

The developers of Overwatch 2 They recently held a question and answer session through Reddit, where they were in charge of clearing the unknown for the questions raised by the players. They talked about the introduction of a ping system similar to that of Apex Legendsas well as the game and cross progression. You can find the full AMA in the following link, but then we leave you with an extract with the most interesting details.

Sistema de ping

“We have definitely considered it”, it began by indicating Aaron Keller, game director. “We actually have a prototype running internally right now.” Thanks to this feature, it provides better communication between team members by marking (or pinging): on Apex Legends We can mark enemies, mark a priority area, make recommendations … and warn our allies of everything that may be useful in battle.

We don’t have the habit of promising players things until they are actually announced., and I’m not going to break that tradition right now (I’m sure I’ll ruin it sometime later in this AMA), but It is something that we are excited about as a team and we are currently working on the issuesYou can learn more about the Apex Legends ping system at our guide.

Cross play and cross progression

Blizzard Technical Director, John Lafleur, has been commissioned to maintain the following: “We are very excited about the possibilities of cross play and cross progression, but we have nothing to announce today. However, given the additional complexities of cross progression, it would probably make more sense to tackle cross-play first, and then explore progression as a possible add-on, if we follow this route “.

The beta of Overwatch 2

Lafleur added that he hopes there will be a beta version of Overwatch 2, but it is too early to confirm the details about it. “It is almost certain that s. If I knew when, I couldn’t tell you. If I told you, I would have to kill you. But [Aaron Keller] It’s our resident secret leaker, so you guys can give it a try! 🙂 “

Overwatch 2’s graphics engine is improved

Lafleur said that Overwatch 2 game engine includes a number of improvements over the first game engine, in order for the sequel to stand out and look and perform even more impressively. “They have been added many optimizations, better lighting, and many new features“Lafleur said.”The PvE [uno de los pilares del juego] It’s also allowed us to see a lot more how our environments tell our story, so we’ve added a lot of features that help with that. “

He then also indicated the following: “In addition, since the hardware landscape has changed a lot since the launch of Overwatch, we are taking the opportunity (on both the artist side and the technical side) to reinforce our high-end features and assets“.

The first Overwatch will not have a 120 fps patch

Lafleur also mentioned that Blizzard does not plan to roll out a 120 FPS patch for Overwatch 1 and PlayStation 5. The reason? They do not want to allocate time and resources Overwatch 2 to this function. “We have no plans to do so at the moment. We would have to invest a non-trivial amount of time to update the Overwatch original to recognize and treat the PS5 separately (involves changing the platform SDK) “, he says.” Instead, we are taking that time to focus on doing that OW2 be the best we can on next-gen consoles“.

Overwatch 2 is expected to launch in 2022 at the earliest. From Vandal we have had the opportunity to test the game and we have shared our impressions in the next article.

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