Activision Blizzard has unveiled some of the big changes to Overwatch 2 during the online event dedicated to PvP. One of the main novelties will be the 5-player team 6v6 reduction, something that will mean other adjustments in the formation of the teams that now limit the tank class to one player, two DSP and two support. “We feel that this is the next step in which Overwatch It should be played, “says director Aaron Keller, who speaks of the intention to make the match easy and understandable.” Even with all the work we’ve done, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what the other 11 players are doing in the game. battlefield. Removing two simplifies everything, and allows you to understand what is happening around you, make better decisions“.

This change in teams brings other consequences in the design of the new maps, and with the reduction of the tanks it is wanted “to give the opportunity to have a greater individual impact” in the team. In return, the tanks will receive certain changes to make the classes more aggressive, less “protection walls”, modifications that we can see in some of the gameplay featured in the videos.

The reaction among the community to these changes has been to say the least mixed; Some prefer a more structured PvP combat but others believe that tanks lose relevance. “We have 60 million players who love PvP in the game – the first Overwatch– and they are attached to him. We know that, in the future, we have to make the next best version of a team shooter game, “the studio said about the importance of this mode in the sequel.

A sequel compatible with the original

Overwatch 2 It was announced in 2019 as a kind of sequel to the success of 2016 that seeks to maintain the community of its PvP modes thanks to the compatibility of all its heroes, maps, modes and balances provided for both titles. Up to now The great novelty described by Blizzard is in the PvE mode that delve into the story; in February during BlizzConline we could already see some maps, enemies and skins.

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