Last month we got the news that Jeff Kaplan, one of Blizzard’s most recognizable personalities For 19 years, he decided to leave the studio and give up the baton for the direction of Overwatch 2 to another creative from the developer.

The same Blizzard was in charge of communicating the change of director: Aaron Keller, a veteran figure within the company who participated as a level designer in World of Warcraft and was as assistant director in the first Overwatch. Keller himself wanted to calm the waters in a statement and informed the players that the development of Overwatch 2 is on track and they will soon share more frequent information about its progress.

In a recent interview with the GameSpot medium, Aaron Keller mentioned that, despite focusing part of his efforts on story missions or PvE, the competitive side or PvP is still a very important part of the video game as a whole. It could be said that they are trying to offer a satisfactory and balanced experience between both modes, although we remember that the multiplayer of Overwatch is his strong point, so they could be even more focused on him. In Keller’s own words, he wants to make the PvP of Overwatch 2 sea “as convincing as possible” and that Blizzard is “very focused on the PvP side of the game”.

Its great novelty will be the cooperative, but the competitive will continue to be the most important

Aaron Keller also wanted to clarify certain aspects of the upcoming Blizzard video game in his interview: “We have spent a lot of time talking about what the PvE side of the game is with our hero missions and our campaign and progression system drives it all“Keller said.” But the other part of the game is just as important or even more. We have 60 million players who love the game’s PvP and are attached to it. We know that, in the future, we have to make the next best version of a team shooter game. So for me, there is this PvE side of Overwatch 2, but I’m very focused on the PvP side of the game and I want to make it as convincing as possible“.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There is no official confirmation on the versions of PS5 y Xbox Series X/S, although it is likely that they will end up being announced and will be released simultaneously along with the previous generation editions. The game still has no release date, although Activision Blizzard already told us that it will definitely not be released for this year. Do you think Overwatch 2 be a worthy successor to the game that precedes it?

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