Outriders prepares to debut in Spain and around the world this next April 1st, at which time we can enjoy the game of People Can Fly and Square Enix both on PC and consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S). To warm up the engines of this battle, we have been able to enjoy a new preview of the game: entitled There is no turning back, is about an animated video that allows us to take a look at the history that this title proposes. We remind you that the free demo of the game is already available on all platforms.

Outriders: The multiplayer action proposition of People Can Fly and Square Enix

They called in the best, brilliant heroes to restart civilization on the other side of the galaxy“is the premise that presents us Outriders with its history. “Well, they ended up in pieces. So they turned to us. The scum, the outcast. They sent us to a distant planet to save the species. But that place had other plans. It changed us. We become something more powerful. Weapons“.

Outriders is defined as an RPG and third person shooter that we can also enjoy with friends thanks to its cooperative mode. The game comes from the hand of the studio People Can Fly, parents of titles like Gears of War: Judgment Y Bulletstorm, in collaboration with Square Enix External Studios (Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs). “What does this planet want to kill us? Good luck. With each victim we become stronger. It’s not about saving yourself, it’s about surviving. If we have to get our hands dirty, so be it, “continues the synopsis.

“They sent us to a distant planet to save the species”

Among the mechanics of Outriders, players can enjoy a unique combination of weapons and powers that will turn the characters into gods ready for battle. The title seeks that users are the ones who find their own style of play, so that for this they will have to find the combination of powers, character classes, and equipment that best suits them. You can enjoy alone or cooperatively with one or two other players.

If you want conocer more information about the classes, the skill system, the progress and loot of the game, we invite you to read our advance around here. We remind you that the title will debut on April 1st in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S.

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