People Can Fly dar details of the problems that have occurred in the premiere from Outriders, the cooperative shooting game that the publisher Square Enix published in physical and digital stores in Spain and the rest of the world on April 1. Since launch players have encountered long waits to access the game and have suffered sudden disconnections servers, which in some moments of the last four days have been inoperative.

On Sunday April 4, a Twitter user asked the development team if there will be a post mortem of the errors of the premiere once they have been fixed for know “what went wrong and the lessons learned, as well as the measures in place to try to avoid a recurrence. ”The study’s response was a resounding yes.

“Of course,” they say from People Can Fly through the game’s official Twitter account. “Still We are working on it, but we hope to share in the near future more specific details about what’s going on and what we’ve been doing about it. “The study has been reporting the situation with the servers in real time through their social networks, where they have promised “full transparency”.

Has exceeded 100,000 concurrent players on Steam

Outriders it’s a new case of game with online elements that requires permanent connection to servers whose launch has been plagued with errors. It happened with another recent Square Enix game, Marvel’s Avengers, and it is common to encounter similar problems with each new expansion of Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft, to name a few. Probably the most notorious case was that of Diablo III almost nine years ago.

The shooter Cooperative with RPG elements of People Can Fly has been released successfully on Steam, where over 100,000 simultaneous players; It is also available on the Epic Games Store on PC. There are no player figures for the other versions yet: PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S. In these last two platforms the title is included in Xbox Game Pass.

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