Outriders went on sale on April 1 and attracted a good number of players from PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC with your proposal of shooter singleplayer in the third person with the possibility of cooperative play. On computers it has started successfully, reaching a peak of 111,953 simultaneous players on Steam, while its availability on Xbox Game Pass from the day of its launch it has also played its part in its success on Microsoft consoles.

However, community members are showing their complaints about connection problems from Square Enix and People Can Fly game. It is common for multiplayer titles to have connection errors in their first days on sale, but the protest of these users is based on the fact that those disconnects occur even when playing solo. There are already several videos that have appeared on the net to demonstrate how the game is interrupted online even when there are no other players in the game. In fact a community member has posted how one of these connection errors appears in the middle of a kinematics.

What perfect timing for the servers to go down….. from r/outriders

People Can Fly is working on finding the cause of the problem

Yes, in People Can Fly are aware of the situation and have been trying to stabilize it since launch from Outriders. There are already several times that the servers have been restarted looking for a way that everyone can play without crashes and, in addition, the causes of this continued problem are being investigated: “We deeply apologize because return the state online It is taking longer than expected. We are doing our best to ensure a backup against such problems in the future, looking for the root of the problem, not just its symptoms“, said those responsible and Twitter during one of the server outages.

While the connection stabilizes and fails, the players of Outriders they ask to be allowed to play offline when they do not want to be sharing game with other people. This way singleplayer It does not seem that it is in the plans of those in charge, who will continue betting for the moment on a hybrid mode that does not seem to be to everyone’s taste.

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