Microsoft just made the rumors official: Outriders, the new game of People Can Fly, will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day April 1st, the date on which it will finally go on sale in Spain and the rest of the world after having suffered some delays. Being more specific, Outriders playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and mobile devices through Xbox Game PassTherefore, at the moment, it does not seem that PC users will be able to enjoy it on their computers thanks to this subscription service.

Action unleashed on planet Enoch

Outriders is an action role-playing game in the third person that takes us to the distant and fictional planet Enoch, a place that humanity tried to colonize before anomalies, devastating environmental phenomena that alter life forms, thwarted their plans.

Luckily for us players we will embody a character who has obtained superhuman powers thanks to one of these anomalies, which allows us to delve into a complex storyline while touring various parts of the planet, completing missions of all kinds, cooperating with other players, equipping ourselves and becoming stronger and stronger. All this while we look for a mysterious signal of unknown origin that could contain the key to end the anomalies and return Enoch to normality.

In the last impressions with the game that we published in Vandal, we comment that “has shown us to be a frenzied game, full of action and that takes us very effectively to the battlefield, with shots, explosions and all kinds of effects that make us feel inside a whole war conflict. “In addition to Xbox and PC consoles, the title will also be available on PS4 and PS5.

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