In October Oculus launched for sale Oculus Quest 2, its wireless virtual reality headset that has triumphed in Spain and the rest of the world a few months after its launch due to its excellent quality / price ratio and because it can be used without any type of cable.

Five months have passed since this helmet hit the stores and in this short time it has already become on the most popular virtual reality device for PC gamers as reflected in Steam’s monthly hardware and software survey in which Oculus Quest 2 leads the table with a 22.91% usage surpassing the previous leader who was precisely his “brother”, the Oculus Rift S.

To give you an idea, helmets with much more time behind them like Valve Inndex HMD have 16% usage fee while HTC Vive have 13.05% and the first Oculus Quest a 6.09%. Of course, virtual reality is still far from being a trend on Steam since currently only 2.21% of Valve platform users own a VR headset.

More than 1 million units sold in 2020 and a promising future

This leadership of Oculus Quest 2 on PC was to be expected seeing the monthly increase of the helmet in Steam surveys and taking into account that only in 2020 a million units of a device were sold that has a promising future since this same month March should receive an update to improve its refresh rate from 90 and 120 Hz.

What do you think of the success of Oculus Quest 2 on PC? Will we have some kind of improved version soon? Can this helmet be used to set a trend in the future of virtual reality on PC?

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