The documentary The chemo playing flies by, from the Juegaterapia Foundation in collaboration with the La Paz Hospital in Madrid and Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, It is now available free and open on the YouTube and Twitch channels of PlayStation Spain. It can be seen online until 6:00 p.m. today, June 3, on the Spanish peninsula. After that, this content can only be viewed through the Filmin and Prime Video platforms.

“With a video game console in their hands, the admitted children rediscover their desire to win”says your description. “A game played is a game won if the day passes without pain. The Juegaterapia Foundation launches an investigation that concludes that the game positively predisposes children to their healing. Dr. M. Alonso Puig and the Hospital La Paz de Madrid have scientifically proven it “.

Juegaterapia began its journey in 2010 and aims to encourage young people during chemotherapy treatments at the hospital. Since then this initiative ensures that they have been able to check daily the benefits of entertaining hospitalized children: “Being away from home, away from their loved ones and in an unfamiliar environment, the hospital experience intimidates them. At that moment, video games, the tablet and the possibility of enjoying a garden inside the hospital, become a means It is essential to connect him with the world and make him forget where he is, at least for the duration of the game. ” The consoles, tablets and games received by Juegaterapia are donated to the pediatric areas of different hospitals.

There are other actions, such as rooftop gardens

Juegaterapia has other projects, the creation of gardens on the roofs of hospitals, spaces normally underused in buildings. The Hospital La Paz and Hospital 12 de Octubre already have their garden areas; It will soon be held at the Hospital La Fe in Valencia and funds are being raised for the Gregorio Maran in Madrid.

Now available the documentary Chemo playing flies by, free for a limited time

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