Sega launch a soon collaboration with Lavair with the intention of pleasing the segueros from the heart. Video game-inspired apparel is not a rarity; In fact, such important industry brands as PlayStation or Xbox have already presented some of their official and exclusive garments. The world of video games and footwear comes together again and brings us the sneakers and caps inspired by the Mega Drive design, one of the most loved and remembered consoles.

The shoes are more expensive than the original console

The Lavair brand, in charge of producing the new garments, defines itself as a brand of luxury lifestyle, which means that their products are not within the reach of all pockets. The company emerged with a very clear philosophy that anything is possible when creating its products. As you can see in the attached photographs, the shoes of Sega Mega Drive Analog & Mono have a shade that ranges from purple to pink, a design that is not random at all: it is intended replicate the color of the original packaging in which the Mega Drive was released. The caps have similar colors, with the particularity that they add the embroidered console logo.

Mega Drive sneakers and cap

It should be noted that both products are about a limited series. The price could be prohibitive: a pair of sneakers costs 270 dlareswhile baseball caps go out to $ 70 per unit. To give you an idea, the original console was priced at £ 189.99 in the UK. “The designs Lavair has created for its Mega Drive themed collection really capture the timeless appeal of this iconic brand“commented Jason Rice, director of brand licensing for SEGA Europe.” We can’t wait to hear what SEGA fans and coaching fans think of the collaboration. ”

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