Digerati and Brainwash Gang have announced the release dates for Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition, the action and platform game that Coming to PS4 May 5, Nintendo Switch May 6, and PC and Xbox One May 7. Also, those who bought the Nongunz original on Steam, released in 2017, you will receive a free copy of the Doppelganger Edition.

“The edition Doppelganger add a cooperative mode and a new arena mode“says Edu Verzinsky, founder and developer of the Madrid-based studio.” We have also made adjustments to some enemies to greatly reduce the suffering of the player. We hope that console gamers will receive it as a challenge, as we know it is one of the toughest games to beat on the market. That said, our goal has always been to make a game 100% fair, so it’s up to the players and the ability to complete it and share their knowledge of the game. “

A challenging and cryptic roguelike packed with action, platforming, killing and fun

The team promises hundreds of levels infested with different enemies, card advantage system, with power-ups and passive features such as speed upgrades and bigger bullets, a multitude of weapons, items and gear to unlock, combo counter with chained kills, and intense combat with racing and gunfights. “Survival requires not only skill but also style, for Nongunz reward for long combos and challenges, “says the team, which has redone Nongunz and Unity.

“A defiant and cryptic roguelike full of action, platforms, deaths and fun, “we wrote in our review of the original.” We have had a great time exploring its terrifying cathedral, although it is also true that the high doses of patience that it requires due to the crypticness that is at all times Because of its extreme difficulty, it is not recommended for everyone, only for those willing to sacrifice and really strive in order to advance and reach the end“.

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition arrives on consoles and PC in early May

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