Drinkbox Studios, the studio responsible for games like Guacamelee! O Severed, has announced its new Nobody Saves the World, a new action RPG that will arrive in Spain and the rest of the world this year for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC via Windows Store and Steam. Also, it has been confirmed that it will be included in the Game Pass for PC and consoles from its launch day.

From dungeon to dungeon

In this new adventure we will embody Nobody, who finds a powerful magic wand that allows him to change form and class, A skill that will be really useful for you to overcome procedurally generated dungeons, solve puzzles and complete all kinds of missions.

Among its main characteristics, the study has wanted to emphasize that the only way to progress and obtain new skills is to complete missions instead of killing monsters, since they want to avoid the player having to eliminate a multitude of enemies to level up. Of course, this also implies that we can only acquire new forms by surpassing orders.

On the other hand, we can customize our forms by equipping skills that belong to other classes, which gives us the ability to customize them to suit our tastes and needs. In addition, the difficulty will progressively escalate as we level up, so the dungeons will get more complicated so that we always have a challenge up to the task.

As of today, no more details have been given about the game, so we do not know at what specific time this year it will be released. At least, we already have his first trailer and his first images, some audiovisual materials that you can see in this news to see for yourselves what it looks like and how its development will be playable.

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