The new update of No Man’s Sky is now available. This is a patch that brings the game to its give 3.5 and that Hello Games has baptized as ‘Prisms’. Mainly, this update includes graphic improvements to the game in a deep facelift oriented, above all, to PCs and new generation consoles, that is, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, although it also has new features that can be used on PS4 and Xbox One.

For example, with Prisms have arrived new domestic species a No Man’s Sky and indeed now winged creatures can be trained and ridden to fly with them for the planets. Also Photo Mode has been updated, the avatar customization interface, a new station has been added that exchanges materials for nanites, rewards after meteorological events like meteorites or lightning, and several additional quality of life improvements. You can see a summary of all of them in the video available below:

No Man’s Sky receives a profound graphic enhancement

Among the graphical enhancements added to Prisms we find SSR compatibility (screen space reflection) on next-gen consoles, PC, and Xbox One X, a technology that allows reflections on the surfaces of certain materials, a perceptible improvement especially on the interior levels. A volumetric light system that, together with the previous technology, improve the lighting of the entire game; This is noticeable, above all, in details such as the light of the sentinels or the bioluminescent flora.

Other technology for which it has been added compatibility is Nvidia DLSS, which allows you to extend the resolution of the game without framerate be compromised. This option is only available on PCs and for users with compatible graphics cards. Under these lines you can watch a comparative video of No Man’s Sky with and without DLSS activated:

But the added graphical changes in Prisms they don’t stay there: also improved quality of animal hair, interstellar jumps, rain effects and sun raysIn addition, more details have been added on the planets, which on PC and next-generation consoles are now more nourished with natural elements, and the underground caves have been given richness. The constellations are also now more detailed on the most powerful platforms and a mapping that gives more detail to the textures of the game. You can see all the changes here.

No Man’s Sky It is available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our analysis here and take a look at our guide here.

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