Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription service launched in September 2018, offers different advantages to those of the competition, Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold. Like those, it is necessary to play paid games online (no as a los free to play), but instead of offering free Switch games month after month to add to the library, it is temporarily expanding a catalog of more than 100 classic NES and Super Nintendo games, as well as offering games like Tetris 99. However, the Japanese company is working on making its subscription is more “attractive”.

At the eighty-first general meeting with shareholders, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, was asked about the possibility of adding a more expensive subscription option with better services. The also representative director of the Japanese company recalled that, as of September 2020, he had 26 million subscribers payment and that the figure has been growing in parallel with the increase in sales of the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch Online upgrade

“For Nintendo Switch Online,” the Nintendo executive continued, “it is important not only to increase the number of new members, but also promote existing members to continue using the service, so we are working on increase the attractiveness of the service to make it even more fun and convenient to play on the Nintendo Switch. “Furukawa doesn’t elaborate on what ways they plan to make the service more attractive.

Nintendo Switch Online cuesta 3.99 per month, 7.99 every three months or 19.99 every year. There is also a family subscription for up to eight accounts priced at 34.99 every 12 months.

26 million NSO subscribers, 47 million on PS Plus and 18 on Xbox Game Pass

To put the 26 million subscriber data in context, there are over 47.6 million subscribers to Playstation plus as of February 2021. The exact number of subscribers to Xbox Live Gold, but I do know that there are more than 100 million Xbox Live users (whether on consoles, computers or mobiles) around the world. Xbox Game Pass, which offers a rotating catalog for PC, Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming, has more than 18 million subscribers as of January 2021.

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